Fantasia Burrino looks strange with her non-Dinosaur teeth. I noticed this on an ad I saw for The Color Purple. Which, essentially, I think sounds a bit horrific, although I think Fantasia is a great performer, I really don’t envision her as a Broadway star. So, I decided I would chronicle her teeth progression in pictures.

Notice the dinosaur teeth. Do you see?

Then she wins American Idol, gets lots of monies and gets braces. (I didn’t know you could fix dinosaur teeth with braces.)

Then, finally, she’s looking lovely, all make-uped and dinosaur teeth-less.

Honestly, this transformation baffles me. Maybe there is a cure for pancake face as well?

Today, as I walked across campus, I noticed the university staff planting flowers (b/c at this point we might not have any grow) and fixing fountains. I couldn’t help but giggle as we all silently pray and wish and hope and sacrifice farm animals in hopes of appeasing the weather gods to bring some warmth back into our world. The good news: it’s just raining today, not snowing, and the wind isn’t nearly as fierce.

I have a friend, let’s call her Cheeky. She can be really cool, a lot of fun and I enjoy hanging out with her. I don’t really enjoy having classes with her. She’s one of those people that always has to take the easy, cheesy joke. The joke that makes you groan and you think to yourself, “Could you scream for attention any louder?!” And she is that girl, she is so that girl and it drives me crazy.

So we’re sitting in class and she’s talking about the VT Tragedy – freaking out. Why? She said, “I almost went there! Like, I was gonna go there! I could be there right now, I could have been one of those students!” I think I stared at her for a full minute after she said this, dumbfounded. I maybe blinked a few times and then looked away, unable to even utter a response to such a ridiculous comment! I could have, maybe I’d have said, “Yeah, yeah. Uh huh. You should definitely dwell on the fact that four years ago you considered applying to Virginia Tech. Let’s not anyone pay attention to the girl in our class whose from Virginia and half of her graduating class attends VT, we’ll focus on you. Because you almost, maybe sorta, coulda been there today, if you’d actually applied, been accepted and chosen to go to VT and not flunked out.”



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