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Sometimes I get really grumpy and lose all spirit of the holidays. Sadly. They hold great childhood memories for me but I suppose, through my adolescent years, the holidays were just about being dragged to Mississippi to spend a week away from all of my friends (which are the entire world of a 16 year old) and be forced to spend time with throngs of family members that I had trouble relating to. Don’t worry, things have gotten better since.

This Thanksgiving will involve no sixteen hour drives, drooling babies, or less than pleasant relations because I’m headed to the amazing city of New York for four days. It occurred to me that the last time I was in NYC I was 16 and a Junior in High School. Now I’m 20, a Junior in college and on my own. Since that time I’ve traveled parts of the world. I’m curious to see how the city compares now. I was overtaken with its mystery and intrigue on my last visit, I think this will yield the same results.

To all of you, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day is fully of family, love and lots and lots of laughs.