I am Rachel.

I grew up in small town Maryland.

I was born on June 25th.

I made a home in North Carolina.

I don’t like loud noises.

I had my first child in Atlanta, Georgia.

I wasn’t sure romance was real. Then I fell in love.

When I was growing up I wanted my Mother to move with me to New York City so I could be on Broadway. And not even as an adult, as an eight year old I wanted to move there immediately despite that my Mother had four other children at home.

I experienced an after school special in Amsterdam when I was nineteen. It involved a gram of pot, an ambulance ride, an IV and puking all over a hospital room floor.

I make lists about everything and nothing. I have thousands of To Do lists swimming around my life.

My husband is a dark ebony man. I am milky white chocolate.

I believe that Jesus Christ lived and died and forged a pathway for humankind to have a more intimate relationship with God and spend eternity with Him.

I get nostalgic over smells and weather. There are some days when I leave the house and I am in Mississippi in the woods behind my grandmother’s house with my cousins and other days I’m strolling down Market Street in Limerick, Ireland or walking through the jungles of Colombia.

Politics raise my blood pressure. Also, bad drivers.

Whenever I see a live performance a piece of my heart longs to rush the stage and join them.

Thunderstorms draw me to my porch to watch the lightening.

In all my years of life I have yet to see a shooting star.

I believe in signs and like to make deals with God. God rarely reacts kindly to this.

The Autumn is beautiful and is absolutely my favorite season despite the coldness.

The only good thing about Winter is hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is one of my most favorite beverages.

I’ve been journaling off and on since I was eight. I still have that journal somewhere.

Free things – regardless of what the free thing is – make me happy.

My Nan and I used to spend hours watching Shirley Temple movies. I used to have them all memorized.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day regardless of what I eat it.

I’ve never considered myself a crazy environmentalist, but while in Nigeria I carried a plastic bag around with me and collected the trash of the people I was with so they wouldn’t throw it in the street.

I can only speak a few words in Yoruba. My favorite is “mi mo” which means “I don’t know.”

I think I collect Spanish language books and despite all the books and having lived in South America, I still can’t speak it fluently.

I like going to bed early and waking up early.

There are three races represented in my home. And three languages spoken.


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