Virginia Tech

Have you ever noticed how Facebook pictures somehow suck you in and then you can’t stop looking at them?! You won’t even know the people in the pictures, but you have to keep looking at them like it’s a drug or something. I don’t know, maybe this is just me.

It’s quarter til six in the morning and there are birds chirping outside. Now, birds usually chirp early in the morning, especially in the Spring. You just usually expect the sound of birds chirping to foretell lovely weather before walking to the window to witness the outside world for yourself. Well, I witnessed the outside world and the weather is crap. I act as though this surprises me when it, most clearly, does not. In fact, somewhere in my hopeful soul I’m praying for a power outage to cancel classes. It doesn’t help that EVERY time I look at it tells me something different about the weather to come.

Before I get started on the explication that I am awake at this horrid hour to write, I’d like to take a moment to comment on the shootings of Virginia Tech.

I’m a student at a university quite similar to VT, in fact it’s only about a three hour drive from me. But I can’t even comprehend the tragedy that has befallen that campus, the students and faculty. I don’t know that I would have responded with the courage and quickness that some of the students had. In one classroom, where all but three students were lying dead or wounded, those student locked and pressed their bodies against the door to keep the shooter out who proceeded to fire at the door they were against! Then those three students tore apart their clothing in an attempt to stop the bleeding of their fellow students, struggling to live. The terror and heartache that must have been present in these average, every-day students and teachers is something that no human should ever be forced to withstand. So, for those of you who were affected by the tragedy, I offer my sincerest regret for this terrible event. My best wishes go out to the families of the deceased and, most importantly, to the campus of students at Virginia Tech. I can’t imagine the thought of continuing on for the rest of the semester when the seat next to you, that used to contain one of your classmates, is now empty because they were shot in cold blood in that very spot.

I guess it puts life into perspective. No matter how crappy I thought my day was, I have no idea what it’s like to have a bad day – not in comparison. And, thank God, very few of us do.

One thought on “Virginia Tech

  1. Facebook is a drug. Seriously- it’s an addictive, life-consuming, distracting drug. And the pictures are the worst- they take the most time, yet you have to click on the next one and wait for it to load even when it’s a full album or a group with hundreds of pictures. The next one just might be the best!
    VT definately put life in perspective… I think that before this most college students had a false sense of security- we were blissfully unaware of the possiblity of such a disaster. Now schools in over 10 states have had bomb threats this week, in addition of course to the big tragedy. It’s kinda scary.

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