The List

Current Project:

#5. Lose 15 lbs.

Timeline: October 18th – November 22nd (Thanksgiving Day)

1. Visit South America.
2. Write a book of poetry.
3. Write a book of short stories.
4. Volunteer in a foreign country.
5. Lose 15 lbs.
6. Lose 30 lbs.
7. Lose 45 lbs.
8. Lose 60 lbs.
9. Become fluent in Spanish.
10. Attain my ESL/TEFL or TESOL certification.
11. Learn to surf.
12. Become a full pescetarian.
13. Visit an art museum in the USA.
14. Travel to the West Coast.
15. Learn how to cook seven full dinners.
16. Learn to belly dance.
17. Learn to salsa.
18. Learn the rumba.
19.  Buy a plant.
20. Read the entire Bible.
21. Play laser tag.
22. Play at a Paintball arena.
23. Watch the sunrise over the beach.
24. Stay outside from sunrise to sunset for an entire day.
25. Take a photo every day.
26. Be a tourist in Washington DC.
27. Be a tourist in Philadelphia.
28. Take the GREs.
29. Learn a new word every day.
30. Memorize my ten favorite poems.
31. Read a volume of work by at least ten poets.
32. Learn to take photos.
33. Take a multi-vitamin every day.
34. Take reusable bags to the grocery store.
35. Attend a movie by myself.
36. Get a Brazilian wax.
37. Plant a tree.
38. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
39. Get work printed in a national publication.
40. Be able to run a mile.
41. Learn to play guitar.
42. Scrapbook all my photos.
43. Knit an entire scarf.
44. See a meteor shower.
45. Take a trip with friends.
46. Buy a car.
47. Read all the books I own that I have yet to read.
48. Fly a kite.
49. Write a book of travel memoirs.
50. Go to a zoo.
51. Kiss in the rain.
52. Make love in the rain.
53. Stop eating fast food.
54. Completely de-clutter my material possessions.
55. Find out my blood type.
56. Give blood.
57. Learn to expertly make 15 drinks.
58. Learn to sew (just buttons is fine).
59. Have a session with an herbalist.
60. Buy a fish.
61. Give someone flowers.
62. Live abroad.
63. Buy a new laptop.
64. Learn conversational French.
65. Visit Australia.
66. Learn to use photoshop.
67. Model (even for a friend).
68. Blog three times per week.
69. Go line dancing.
70. Go to a concert of a signed artist.
71. Complete 100 Strangers Project.
72. Visit Africa.
73. See a professional pianist.
74. Send 101 random cards.
75. Buy lingerie.
76. Go on a blind date.
77. Build a piece of furniture.
78. Paint a room.
79. Buy canvas. Paint six pictures. 3/6
80. Witness a miracle.
81. Visit a new place for every letter of the alphabet.
82. Play a full game of tennis.
83. Join a basketball team.
84. Visit a nudist colony.
85. Sleep under the stars.
86. Make a soundtrack of my life.
87. Visit one of the wonders of the world.
88. See the Grand Canyon.
89. Plant a garden.
90. Go on a road trip for one week with no pre-determined destination.
91. Buy the perfect little black dress.
92. Buy a pair of heels.
93. Wear a bikini in public.
94. Go to a strip club.
95. Decorate my own apartment.
96. Spend the night on a boat.
97. Get my legs waxed.
98. Write a song.
99. Apply to the Peace Corps.
100. Eat at a 5 Star Restaurant.
101. Audition for a show at a professional company.

This list should have been completed by November 17, 2011. It wasn’t. And I’m okay with that. But I’m still determined to finish it.


4 thoughts on “The List

  1. Rachel, I’ve read your list and am shocked that of all the places you have went you have never been to a zoo…Pittsburgh Zoo, and or Washington Zoo…you must go to one or both and tell me what you think. I love the zoo, we go a minimum 2 times a year to Pittsburgh since the girls where 2.

    1. Amy,
      In fairness I have been to a zoo. Like, on school field trips and the Jackson Zoo (Mississippi) when I was a kid. But I’ve never been to a zoo on my own. Purposefully. And I feel like the zoo without a mass of children when I’m able to experience more wholly will be a different experience entirely. It’s also probably safe to say the last time I was at a zoo I was maybe 10.

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