Spend Freeze

This summer I have been loose with my money. I didn’t go out and buy myself pearls or a diamond ring or anything, I just didn’t really keep track of how much money I was spending. In other words, I was spending more than I was saving and I am a saver by nature (at least I thought I was until this summer), so something has to change.

I have decided to send myself on a quest. A quest to see how long I can last without spending money on non-essentials. And, at least for the start of this challenge, non-essentials will include food and gas. I have a fairly well-stocked freezer and pantry and while I am bound to run out of fresh foods pretty quickly, I think I can last at least a week without even spending money on food! I also currently have two cars at my disposal – both of which have full tanks of gas. I didn’t plan this, it just happened this way.

Let’s call this a test of discipline and resourcefulness. The latter of which I generally pride myself on. The first of which I generally, well, lack. I do have some mad organizational skills though, so Step One of a spending freeze – catalog my pantry.  Just off the top of my head I know I have meals under lock for at least a week. And just to prove it to myself, I give you my dinners for the rest of the week:

Tuesday:Photo Credit: NYCandre
Breakfast: Waffles with honey yogurt/strawberries/blackberries
Lunch: Garden Salad and Veggie Soup
Dinner: Mexican Chicken Salad

Breakfast: Honey Yogurt with granola/strawberries/blackberries
Lunch: Mexican Chicken Salad
Dinner: Shrimp & Pepper Stir Fry over Quinoa

Breakfast: Oatmeal with all natural peanut butter & plain yogurt
Lunch: Shrimp & Pepper Stir Fry over Quinoa
Dinner: Garden Salad with Grilled Shrimp

Breakfast: Cereal with almond milk
Lunch: Garden Salad and Veggie Soup
Dinner: Toasted Turkey Sandwich w/ Salad

Photo Credit: Dawn Ashley/Foter/CC BY-NDSaturday:
Breakfast: Omelet & Toast
Lunch: PB&J and honey yogurt w/ granola
Dinner: Homemade Cheese Pizza

Breakfast: Cereal with almond milk
Lunch: Homemade Cheese Pizza
Dinner: Pasta with clams

The truly amazing thing is that this list doesn’t even begin to put much of a dent into my freezer. By Sunday my palette will desire that I head out and re-stock my fresh produce with strawberries and blackberries and tomatoes and avocados, etc. It will desire this, but my goal is to resist until at least Wednesday when I can hit the local Farmer’s Market after work and stock up on some of these essentials.

Disclaimer? I have tried these type quests before and, honestly, they don’t usually ever go to my planning. But, I really seeking balance in my life right now. Something to really throw myself into and find some stability. And I think, more than my desire to save money or become more disciplined, my success will be spurred from my desire to exert some semblance of control over my life in a storm that seems overwhelmingly tumultuous.

Wish me luck! Or join me. Or make suggestions, of course.


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