Early Mornings

I have a love/hate relationships with early mornings. 100_1687

On one hand, I get so much done in the mornings. I am more productive than in any other portion of my day. If I wake up early and get myself motivated, I can get more done before I go into work than I might get done in an entire day otherwise. I also like the mornings to write and reflect. Perhaps it’s because my mind feels freshest – untainted by the day’s worries just yet. Able to relax into a journal or a blog post.

On the other hand, when that alarm sounds, jarring me awake from my sweet, sweet slumber, none of those happy thoughts I have about mornings rise to the surface. Rather I think, “I don’t have to leave for work for another two and a half hours. Do I really need to get up right now?” My bed is so comfortable I could live there for days. The sun isn’t even awake before me – and this to me may be the most distressing about early mornings. It’s best if you’re going to drag yourself out of bed that you can at least open the windows and greet the world. All I can greet is darkness.

Part of my endeavor to rise early is to beat my flesh into submission, so to speak. Now, I’m not talking all angsty teenager or anything. I’ve just spent most my entire life being a slave to my flesh-driven desires. My choices haven’t been healthy for my body and sometimes I even choose to do something that I know I will regret. I’m not talking extremes here, but something as simple as getting a latte from Starbucks. My stomach, for whatever reason, does not respond well to coffee. So unless I begin flushing with water immediately after finishing a cup, I will regret any coffee-drinking decision. And yet, just the other day I found myself with a grande Earl Grey tea soy latte. And the whole day I regretted that one morning decision.

So, it’s really all a test of wills. Can my mind stand against the pull to stay in bed? Who will win out? So far, I must admit, the mind has been doing pretty well! My body is struggling, but by Friday I don’t even notice I’m waking up early. On Monday, however, I remember that I’d like to sleep another hour or so. Like today. Where I’m trying to put off my workout by writing this blog because my body is begging me not to make it start jumping and circulating extensively.

But alas, I am the master of my own destiny and how will I learn, but to obey.

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