Being Me Despite the Media

I received surprising responses from some girlfriends of mine after my last post. Women who agree that they don’t feel like they have a camp either, but not necessarily women who would be in my same camp. Some were single and happy – not searching for someone to complete them – and felt like society both put that notion on a pedestal and defaced it in the same sentence. Other women who are married and mothers and successful. Who don’t feel tied down by their familial responsibilities and, in many ways, live life as they always have. These women too feel like that blend of life so early in age is something that is never addressed in entertainment or media.

So, perhaps there are many types of women wandering around outside of these two base camps. In fact, could it be that these two societal standards that have been set for women in their early adulthood define just a minority? Is it just because fun, flirty, single twenty-somethings make a more interesting portrait? More exciting? Or perhaps it’s because the media is constantly trying to pound us with stories of sad, destitute people? And a happy single woman screws with the head of a certain breed of man out there wherein they feel there must be something wrong with her. Of course, a happily married wife and mother screws with certain heads as well.Disney Princess

To be honest, and I know this is harsh, but I truly believe that media is the downfall of the American society. I believe that movies and television shows and even the media depict this unrealistic everyday life. And we begin watching the propaganda of what the entertainment industry wants to mold our lives into. What’s acceptable. What’s normal. What you SHOULD be. While out the other end they’re spouting individuality and a non-conformist attitude which, ultimately, you end up dying your hair pink just like everyone else to go against the grain.

Media makes us believe that life should be something it’s not going to be. And it makes me so angry that it does that. I want to scream and throw my television out the window. I don’t have cable, so that wouldn’t accomplish much, but it might make me feel slightly justified.

I know that we, as people, have to take some responsibility. We are free-thinking individuals who can allow our minds to be brainwashed by the onslaught of programming or can rebel against it. It’s everywhere though. In the supermarket, on billboards, at the coffee shop, all over the internet. It’s hard to avoid. And it’s hard not to get sucked in sometimes.

My Facebook profile (Yes, Facebook, “Hey Pot, it’s Kettle. You’re black!”) that was written a while back sums up my personal issues with struggling to realize and accept and be who I really want to be. And be okay with who I am. To forget what society has decided I should be. So, I’ll close with that. And for those who have made it this far, thanks for letting me rant and vent.

A Calm LifeI promise I am not an exciting person. I have tried to love an exciting life, but I have failed miserably with each attempt. I don´t particularly love crowds or loud music unless it´s really good music. I prefer long walks to drunken nights and would generally choose playing board games over a night of dancing. (Though I do occasionally love to dance.)

I like quiet cafes and coffee dates. I am a creature of habit and will almost always order the same thing when returning to a restaurant. While I would love the exhilaration of bungee jumping, I am petrified of heights along with falling in love which I have done and now wrestle with a whole new assortment of phobias.

I love meeting strangers, but am most at home with close friends and family. I´m not afraid to try new things or experience new cultures which I feel makes me merely open-minded and perhaps, sometimes, slightly adventurous. I´m really a small town girl, though I like what the big city has to offer. It has taken me years to realize that this is who I am and I will not succeed at changing it. Still though, occasionally I feel like I should want to get crunk every weekend and I even feel embarrassed that I´m not into it.

But like I said – I´m not an exciting person. I am just me. And after 26 years, I´m totally okay with that (most of the time). That being said, Jenga and Sangria anyone?

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