Building Relationships

I have been on a memoir-kick lately. I think I find the idea that I’m reading a real person’s story more compelling than fiction at present. Or perhaps it’s to satisfy my longing for travel vicariously. Either way, my Kindle is riddled with them.

I’m currently reading Three Cups of Tea which, while Greg Mortenson is listed as an author, really seems to be written primarily by David Oliver Relin about Mortenson. I’m not finished the book and not yet ready to pass judgment or delve into the criticism and accusations Mortenson has received as a result of this book, but I read a portion today that I wanted to share.

A Balti man who has lived an isolated life in a small mountain village says this:three-cups-of-tea

You must make time to share three cups of tea…to slow down and make building relationships as important as building projects.

How often do we forget to take the time to truly build relationships over three cups of tea? In a world where we are always on a schedule or a deadline. In a generation where some of our most intimate relationships are communicated through social networking sites.

I am so guilty of not always taking the time. Of stretching myself too thin in relationships rather than focusing in. And at other times at focusing too much on one or two relationships that the rest are compromised.

So the next time I am able to sit down and chat with a friend, I’ll make sure that I have a lot of time and a big pot of tea.

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