The Twelve Dates of Christmas

Perhaps you’ve heard of this idea full of goodness floating around the blogosphere. I read about it last year on someone’s blog. I was searching endlessly on the internet for some traditions we could start with our first year of marriage that would follow us through. And, sure enough, this one has.

We also started a tradition this year of buying an ornament for each year. In fact, our tree is a little sad as we only have a handful or ornaments to our name. We decided that rather than running out to buy a bunch of decorations to fill up our tree that we’ll just spend the next, oh, 50 years together filling it up. After Christmas we plan on heading out and finding some that we really like to purchase at a tune of less than $1 a piece.

andthatswhoiam.tumblr.comTonight is a Pajama Party date. Clad in pajamas we are sitting down to Madagascar 3 (we opted for this choice over a Christmas movie) with hot chocolate, homemade pizza and chicken wings. I even bought ingredients for raw cookie dough should the mood strike us. You never know what kind of madness a pajama party can entail.

When I was a little girl we did the strangest things at sleepovers. I know boys – even grown men – like to think that it was all Olsen twin movies and painting our fingernails, but it was so much more than that. There were the prank calls, of course. Light as a feather, stiff as a board was big for a minute. Other parents weren’t irresponsible enough to feed us raw cookie dough, but my parents were cool enough to trust that we wouldn’t get salmonella.

We went skinny dipping. Played jail break, naturally. There were icing fights (if it was a birthday) or a shaving cream fight back when the foam kind was still in our bathrooms. Once I flipped over on a bike (accidentally and I blacked out). Midnight walks to Sheetz. Sneaking into someone else’s pool. Truth or dare featured heavily. Oh! And forts!Blanket Fort

Forts were the best! (By the way I googled blanket forts in search of a picture and there is definitely an eHow and a wikiHow on building blanket forts. Wow.) We always built them in my basement and it was usually in the dead of winter when it was cold or possibly snowing outside. They were never as pretty as the one pictured, but they were awesome in their own right. Maybe next year we can have a ‘Build a Blanket Fort’ Date Night. That would be a pretty sweet date.

Other dates have included Christmas Caroling (with a group, we weren’t just a weirdo couple out knocking door to door). Taking a walk/drive to see all the beautiful Christmas lights. And we had a fancy coffee date yesterday and wandered around Downtown. Lovin’ is for the whole year, but Christmas most especially. Do something special with the ones you love. Make a blanket fort. Make it a tradition.

  • Christmas Countdown Day 15: Family time (
    I don’t know this blogger, but her family made a blanket fort as part of their family Christmas traditions and I thought it seemed so lovely to share.

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