Tea Advent Calendar


My Christmas Tea Advent is officially finished. The trouble was me wandering around tea sections of stores trying to find teas that I thought I might like. As it is I have a number of herbal teas and I’m not terribly assured that they are going to be quite my cup of tea, if you will.

I was introduced to The Tea Mix which is basically a site where you can mix and match different types of teas and only order a packet. I was more than impressed with this concept, but I was less than impressed with their $15 minimum purchase. They also didn’t have the Christmas Stash teas that I really wanted for my Advent Celebration. Nonetheless, it may be a consideration for the future.

Our Christmas tree is up and I am ready for the next month. It’s going to be gloriously Christmas-filled. I’ve had this angle all along to do only DIY Christmas gifts. I have, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), remembered something: I am not crafty. I want to be. Oh, I so desperately want to be crafty. But I’m just not. I’ve not been blessed with this gift. I will do some DIY gifts that I already have the supplies for and I’m pretty sure I can’t muck up, but for the rest on my list I’ll just be setting myself a low price point and shopping around. Oh, the joys of living in a place where shopping around is a most viable option.

Enough rambling, however, and without further ado:

My Tea Advent 2012

1. Yogi Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life
2. Bigelow English Teatime
3. Adagio Hazelnut
4. Lipton Cinnamon Apple
5. Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea
6. Yogi Skin Detox
7. Bigelow Earl Grey
8. Lipton Orange
9. Adagio Chestnut
10. Lipton Vanilla Caramel Truffle
11. Twinings Lady Grey
12. Hickory Farms Pomegranate
13. Bigelow Green
14. Suffuse Green Peppermint
15. Lipton Ginger Twist
16. Twinings English Breakfast
17. Bigelow Lemon Lift
18. Lipton Black Pearl
19. Bigelow Constant Comment
20. Twinings Earl Grey
21. Lipton Peppermint
22. Hickory Farms French Vanilla
23. Stash White Christmas
24. Stash Christmas Eve
25. Stash Christmas Morning

Tea Advent

3 thoughts on “Tea Advent Calendar

  1. You didn’t end up spending 15 dollars on 25 different teas? I had trouble finding small quantities to buy. Even packs with 4 or 5 flavors were 4 or 5 dollars a box. But I definitely understand the Christmas tea desires. Yum. So how did you end up assembling all these teas and how much did it cost? I was fully prepared to throw down 30 dollars for this: http://www.davidstea.com/24-days-of-tea?&TF=0C88C9665439&DEID= But they were sold out when I got to them!

    1. Oh my goodness! That David’s Tea business looks fabulous! :)

      And no, I didn’t because I was only interested in purchasing like one or two packets of each tea and they were, at most, $.50 a pop. So I went to Ollie’s and Big Lots and Ross and purchase variety packs mostly and then pulled out the flavors that equaled love to me. :) Total cost for all the teas I purchased specifically for this project, hmm, maybe $12. And I still have lots of extra tea bags to put into mugs and add as Christmas presents. :)

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