Cyber Monday

I am sure some of you spent the day perusing on-line sales from your office computer. If I had an office computer I would have done the very same, but since I do not I merely did some purchasing on behalf of my mother and went along my merry way – not shopping.

I made the mistake of venturing out on Black Friday. It was the first year in nearly a decade that I has no obligation to work on this oh-so-merry day of the year and I suppose I just wanted to experience the hype from the consumer end. Mistake. At least when you’re working you HAVE to be there. And someone is paying you to be there. When you’re shopping, you’re just getting the same mediocre deal you could get on-line because, let’s face it, that $100 50’ television was gone less than a minute after the doors opened. But they only had five to begin with, so don’t feel too bad.

Suffice it to say that I’m done with shopping and am going to stick with my DIY Christmas plan. That being said – this is what I did in my free time today:

I still occasionally get the Doug theme song stuck in my head and even sing it aloud. It’s so sad that it’s no longer on the air. I can probably still sing the entirety of “Banging on a Trash Can” and am still wondering what a banana pizza would taste like. Ah, nostalgia.

And while I’m feeling especially like a child of the 90’s era, here’s this little nugget of news in regards to one of my former favorites, Boy Meets World:  Cory and Topanga are making their way back to the small screen. True story. Click it to read all about the TGIF throwback goodness on

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