Tea Talk


I love hot tea. A cup of tea can make my entire day better. With a smoother flow and a clearer purpose. Tea helps me to calm down. Relax. Unwind. It helps me to wake up and go to bed. It warms me up and mellows me out. I drink hot tea every single day. Often more than once in a day.

I was inspired by a blog post I read in reference to the Advent season. I don’t pretend to know much about Advent. I was raised in the church, but as far as I know, the only reference my childhood church made to the Advent was to light candles every Sunday from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.

So, what’s the correlation between Advent and tea? Well, this blog that I discovered through Pinterest is entirely in French, but it was the beginning of my inspiration. A different tea for each day of advent. Google kindly translated it for me, but it seems as though they want me to buy their product and I’m not interested in doing that. I’m interested in creating.

I began my search and apparently this is not such a novel idea as I thought. I’m just obviously behind the tea drinking times. And there are many out there that you can purchase. My favorite among them is this Etsy gem. There seems to be dozens out there, but I have a very particular tea taste and I’m going to assume that most of these include lots of herbal teas. (Many herbal tea mixes include chamomile and I am, sadly, allergic.)

There are some obvious choices in a Tea Advent celebration. The Christmas Eve and Christmas Day blends, of course. And I have some favorites I’ll want to include. But, ultimately, I’m off to Big Lots and Ollies where I buy all my teas because you can get the good stuff for a fraction of the price. This will be an exciting time to explore new tea sensations. Feel free to make suggestions. And check back soon for my official Tea Advent list and celebration.


3 thoughts on “Tea Talk

  1. Have you ever tried rooibos (aka red tea)? It has a ton of antioxidants (more than any other tea, I believe) and is naturally caffeine free so you can drink it before bed.

    I recently got “into” tea and found out a few interesting things, namely that different types of teas need to be prepared at different temperatures or you will actually burn the tea. If you’re experimenting with different types of teas you should definitely look this up and make sure you’re using the right temperature water! I bought one of those meat thermometers to place in my kettle so I can check.

    1. I actually have a fancy shmancy electric kettle that tells me the right temperature for different types of teas. I love it! I’ll have too look for rooibos tea. (And I had no idea that I was actually burning the tea!)

  2. Hi – I was checking my etsy stats and found a link to your blog and had to read back a bit to find where my listing was referenced. Glad you liked the photo and were inspired to make your own tea advent calendar. You might be interested to know that I was recently contacted by someone with allergies (chocolate, pineapple, strawberries and nuts) so I will be making her a custom calendar that does not have teas with any of these ingredients. I could do one without chamomile, too… and a lot of my herbal ones (assortment varies yearly) actually don’t have chamomile… don’t just assume – you may miss out on a lot of things… Ask please! :)

    How did you like your 2012 creation?

    ~ Mary

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