Oh wait, that wasn’t #5…

#61. Give someone flowers. Complete.

It started as a typical Monday morning. Dropped my husband off at class and went to run some errands. When I arrived at the shopping plaza where I planned to run said errands, the parking lot was roped off at multiple points. I’m pretty sure there were stores that would have been impossible to drive to. So I went to one store which produced no results then drove around the parking lot in circles for about five minutes before getting so annoyed that I went home. I completed no more errands that day.

So, being at my apartment expecting the ‘fire extinguisher’ man to arrive at any moment and not wanting to experience any awkward encounters, I hid away in my bedroom for most of the day. Where I sulked and got moodier by the microsecond thanks to an onslaught of a variety of hormonal sources coursing through my body. And then I more or less picked a fight with my husband via text message.

I know, I know. It’s terribly mature of me. And it was a certain kindness to him, to be sure. The worst part was, it made me feel worse. Not any better. It didn’t feel good to take my distress and hoist it off on someone else. I mean, what is that about?! Misery loves company, right? But I was still miserable and not pleased with having company.

I wanted to do something to show my apology rather than just say it. I talk a lot, so I’m sure he sometimes tires of the relentless drone of my voice in a variety of moods and accents. Since I only had about 10 minutes to come up with something, I got him what I would like as an apology gift. (I am making myself sound like the worst wife ever, but I’m not, I swear.) I bought him a bottle of sweet red wine and orange daisies. daisies

They’re beautiful and they brighten up our living room. He accepted them graciously, but after we made up he noted that really I’d purchased flowers for myself. That was not the intent, however, they are his flowers. If he wants to throw them out or pick each petal off one by one a la Little Mermaid, that is entirely his choice as those daisies do not belong to me.

Though I did take them out of the packaging and put them in a vase… Maybe I should re-title this post: Worst Wife Award. I’m sure I can’t be the worst ever though, right? I mean, bad wives are all over history. Hello, Eve screwed up the whole world for thousands of years and God had to take drastic measures to fix her mistake. I’m sure I’m a better wife than Eve. Must be…


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