#5. Lose 15 lbs.

I struggled in trying to choose the next goal to complete on my list. I waffled between multiple options and even chose a completely different task to take on, but then I found this thanks to Pinterest. (I just love Pinterest!)

It is a 3-Day Military Diet that can supposedly help the dieter lose up to 10 lbs. In fairness, I’m sure this is in tandem with a pretty significant exercise routine since it is considered a “military” diet. Nonetheless, I was intrigued. You eat real food, including dessert, albeit in very regulated amounts. It doesn’t even refuse the dieter my beloved carbohydrates.


I am no exception to the rule of women who wouldn’t mind shedding a few pounds. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t mind shedding more than a few. I have this silly condition though. I love food and hate to sweat. I don’t know what it is yet, my doctor has yet to diagnose it, but it definitely is a condition and I don’t feel I’m alone in this ailment. So, dropping ten pounds in three days sounds positively glorious. So, here goes.

Due to copyright infringements, the blogger requests that the diet menu not be copied to other sites, so if you’re curious you can hop on over to her site, BlessedMommy, and read all about it. It includes all major food groups: protein, dairy, fruit, veggies and carbs. It isn’t a large amount of food and it gives very little room for negotiation. It’s a diet that would have to take place on three days with no plans.

It may be a fluke. Many “fad” diets are. Or it could be that you lose some weight, but gain it back as soon as you resume a regular diet. Or perhaps it could effectively jump-start a weight loss plan. The diet itself recommends you use this diet continually. On the diet for three days, then off four days. And repeat until you reach your desired weight loss goal. Unless I have very successful results, I don’t foresee that to happen for me. Aside from the fact that I love food and food variety is a wonderful spice of life, I also like social eating. It’s something that I’m sure I can blame the American society for injecting into my social mindset. Nonetheless, there it is, I love dining out! Meeting people for coffee or drinks or frozen yogurt. What have you! I need food variety – I love it. For three days, however, I can take it!

I’ll keep the blogging world posted on the success of this diet plan. Whether it left me sneaking over to the pastry section of the supermarket or spurred me to run a 5k. Either way, I’ll lay it all bare for the world to see. Now I just need to go to the store and buy the necessary items for the diet.

All advice, ideas, personal 15 lb weight loss successes are welcomed and encouraged!


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