Mum’s the Word


I have officially completed #19 on my list. Our porch also looks very festive with the addition of the colorful mums. Thank you Kmart (3.99)! These are not the green pots I promised to showcase them in. The green pots are sitting in my spare room – still with the dead herbs. I didn’t want to try to transplant them in our apartment and the temperature dropped about 30 degrees over the weekend. So, it might still happen after it warms up a bit.

The weather has officially turned Autumn. I love Autumn. It’s actually my favorite season. The crisp air. The wind. The crunch of leaves. The scarves and jeans. The beautiful shades of yellow, red, orange and gold scattered across the mountains. It’s a beautiful season. It just came on a bit too quickly. Saturday it was eighty degrees and Sunday it was fifty degrees. Holy mood swings, Mother Nature! I suppose I like my Autumn best when I am moved into it gradually. We turned our heat on yesterday when it hit forty-five degrees and I decided it was time to swap out my chest of cold clothes for my summer wear.

I decided when I moved to Colombia that I would never live in a cold climate again. That plan has, obviously failed me, but my wardrobe is still in that forever warm mindset. So my cold-weather clothes are a bit lacking. I have decided I need to do some shopping. This saddens me as I don’t particularly like to shop. Ah, well, allow me to rephrase myself. I don’t particularly like to spend money. At least not on something like clothes. I’d much rather buy books or journals or wall-hangings or furniture or bath salts. Alright, let’s be honest, I’d rather buy anything else other than clothes. (Shoes don’t count as clothes because I LOVE to buy shoes!)

I’ll have to make some type of agreement with myself along the lines of – each job application submitted puts $1 for cold-weather clothes in my fund. Each scholarship application I submit for my husband will also contribute $1. My first purchase shall be boots. These ballet flats are keeping my feet chilled even with their bright orange toe-nail polish.


2 thoughts on “Mum’s the Word

  1. I bought myself boots as an early birthday present. I do not regret it. Shoes don’t count as clothes? And if you think it’s cold there . . .

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