#19 : Buy a Plant.

I’m tackling another project on my list. I realize that buying a plant doesn’t seem like much of a project. On my porch, however, I have two pots with dead herbs in them and an empty plant stand. I need a plant!

In fairness, I have to find the right plant. And I have to buy it (them) and transplant it (them) to the green pots with the dead herbs already living on my porch like an eyesore. The plant will be followed by a pumpkin. We are going to carve a pumpkin this weekend in honor of Fall Break at my husband’s school. We’re not going anywhere, so instead we’re doing projects. I decided.

I don’t know anything about plants. Except that I’m pretty good at killing them. I think, however, for this time of year, mums might be a good option. They’re pretty. Fairly hearty. And they come in a variety of beautiful Autumn colors.

This project has been given a week’s timeline. It will be part of our Fall Break Festival at our household. This Festival will also include wandering around Greensboro because my husband still doesn’t know where anything is in this city. A date night that we missed last week. And a movie night.

Happy October! It’s certainly starting to feel like Autumn out there!

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