Little Rock Rockin’



I didn’t know much about Arkansas. I pictured it as pretty country. That much seems true. I had a friend who lived there for a while, so I know there’s some semblance of a Mennonite community somewhere in the state. Shortly before entering the state I was informed by my sister that it is the birthplace of Wal-Mart. Apparently there’s one located off almost every interstate exit. We didn’t test this theory.

We stopped for dinner in Little Rock. It being the capital city and whatnot. And we sat down in a cute little restaurant/bar in their Downtown/River Walk District. From what I’m told, there’s little else to the city. But isn’t that how a lot of people see towns? If anyone were to come to my our new town, they might think the same. But, alas, we have found so many other places to explore and haven’t even properly ventured through the Downtown area as of yet.

At any rate, that area is awesome! (We’re back in Little Rock now.) Even if it is the only cool thing in the whole town, I wish we would have had more than two hours to spend exploring. It would take at least a whole day. There were tunnels and caves and “rock walls” to climb. There were tons of tributes to Native Americans since the Trail of Tears traveled through that area. (Which is nice since, you know, we took their land and killed their people.) There was a pretty sweet amphitheater where I wager there would be some pretty nice events. A great trail along the river, some beautiful trees and bridges (I love bridges), oh and a river, of course.


As the story goes, according to the signs we read, the River Walk area was commissioned by President Clinton. Arkansas, as I learned in my journeying there and thanks to my husband who collects news like I collect books, is the homeland of Mr. Clinton. Which explains the lilt even after all those years living like a Yankee.

So while it’s not my next dream destination. And while I’m not eager to relocate. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the city was a greater adventure than I originally anticipated. We even saw the “little rock” of its namesake.



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