I digress…

It’s a share post. Here are the things I’m discovering all up and down the world wide web.

Enjoy. Explore. Discover.



This (on the left) was the background on my computer for ages. I discovered quite some time ago, but I just love it so much that I keep it around for good spirit’s sake. Check out the rest of their photos by a little clickage.






This (on the right) was posted by my cousin Anna, so I cannot give credit to the original creator or the place you can find it originally on the internet. But I can still share it with you.

The print is a little blurry, so in case you can’t read it:

Patient: Doctor, I don’t feel well and I’m not sure why.

Doctor: I want you to meditate for 20 minutes, twice a day, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, avoid processed foods, eat plenty of organize fruit and veg, spend more time in nature and less indoors, stop worrying about things you can’t control and ditch your T.V. Come back in 3 weeks.

  It pretty much sums up American society, don’t you think?




This is another Facebook find (on the left). So, my apologies if you are the creator of any of these images. Please, tell me and I will gladly give credit where it’s due. Sometimes I just need little reminders like this to tell me that it’s my job to get things done. I can get some help from above, but ultimately you make or break every single day of your own life. And if you think that’s some new-agey bru-ha-ha, then, my friend, stay on your couch all day and see how much love comes your way.


On a side note: It took me like ten thousand years to edit this and format it appropriately. I even tried coding it and wordpress wouldn’t use the html correctly. I am feeling hateful toward it at the moment. That is all. Enjoy anyway. :)


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