You disappoint, Houston

I have never had any burning desire to visit the state of Texas, honestly. It’s nothing personal, I’ve just never been overly fond of “The South” anyway and Texas is kind of the pinnacle of the South. And I’m sure there are some very cool places in Texas. In fact, I just read an article on how artsy and cool Austin has become. Good for Austin! But not for Houston.

Houston is big. It’s the fourth largest city in the entire United States and it is, by far, the largest city in “The South”. So, shouldn’t that make it kind of interesting. I mean, the cities that beat it are New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Interesting cities. Things worth seeing and doing. Granted, it’s a hot place312871 to be in early August, but there just isn’t much outdoors that we discovered.

If you are from Houston and love it, or you’re some type of Houston enthusiast, then please comment and tell anyone planning to travel to Texas all the wonderful reasons to visit this city. It should be noted that we didn’t go to Houston to see the city. We went for a conference, so we were a bit distracted.

We were also operating on a shoe string budget. I’m sure this greatly impacted the things to see. In fact, I’m positive that it did. But I’ve traveled in cities on multiple continents and all over this country. There are always interesting things to get into on a budget. Especially in big cities! If there are those things in Houston, I implore you – stop hiding them! Let the world know they’re out there to 312869find.

We made it to The Galleria which is the seventh largest hotel in the country. It houses two hotels, a financial center, an ice skating rink, a health club, two office space towers and and endless number of retail establishments ranging from Aeropostale to Saks Fifth Avenue. I discovered after the fact that it’s also considered the most visited attraction in Greater Houston. So, at least we saw the attraction on the top of Houston’s must-see list, right? The pictures are of a fountain in the middle of said mall. The top picture is the ceiling where the water falls to the fountain basin on the floor below (second picture).

On some lighter notes, there are some good places to eat. And speed limits are really high on the interstate. But don’t drive North East out of Houston – you’ll have to get all the way to Arkansas to find any of those aforementioned interstates. Oh, Texas, we’ll have another go of you another day, eh?


One thought on “You disappoint, Houston

  1. I actually share the same feelings as you about Texas. I visited my high school friend (a musician who lives in Austin now) a month ago, and left very unimpressed. Austin was supposed to be trendy and hip and artsy, and it was, but I think maybe that’s why I didn’t like it. It was ‘all’ about that scene, and for me, that was just too much! I suppose if a person is really into the live music scene then they should love Austin. I liked San Antonio well enough, though. Didn’t have a chance to make it down to Houston, but like you said, people were praising the food scene there. Hopefully another visit to Texas will change my mind, haha. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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