the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I started the first book and put it down. I’d heard good things about it, but it just didn’t keep my attention. There was too much back-story to start the book and there was a lot of finance talk – parts of which I barely even understood. Then I saw the movie. My mother wanted to see it, so my husband and I went with my parents. For those of you who have seen the movie, you can imagine how comfortable it was to sit next to my father while a woman was raped and sodomized on a very large screen in front of you. It did nothing to encourage me to pick the book back up. A co-worker, however, did.

What can I say? Maybe I’m easily influenced. She has good taste in books and I respect her opinion on the matter. So I gave the books another shot and I wasn’t disappointed. The plot line of the movie is slightly different, but that’s to be expected. Many of the details, however, were kept very well to the book.

The author, Steig Larsson, is now deceased. He never even saw the books published. It’s a shame because the literary world lost an excellent author. His books are descriptive without being overbearing or excessive and he keeps them moving. His depiction of Lisbeth Salander is extremely interesting and well developed. His “hero” character, Mikael Blomkvist, is not my favorite character. He feels a bit false to me because the author doesn’t depict many faults. My immediate response is to assume that Blomkvist is a character mirrored a bit to the author. Or rather, to the author’s idealized self. He’s a huge womanizer, but none of the women mind because he’s so charming and so moral. His integrity is astounding, almost to the point of disbelief. He is an extremely likable character; he just didn’t seem as real as many of the others.

I didn’t love the ending. I rarely do. (Ask anyone who was around when I finished the Harry Potter series.) In this case it just felt like the book continued on just the tiniest bit too much. As though maybe Larsson wasn’t quite ready to say good-bye to those characters. Of course, we can only speculate since Larsson isn’t around to answer these questions. I will still see the further movie installments (though I might having trouble convincing someone to see them with me), but I don’t feel the longing to stay with the characters like I have with other trilogies. I feel very satisfied with these books. They left me with sufficient resolution. So, thank you Stieg Larsson. After the Hunger Games I didn’t need to be hung up on another book series!

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