That old familiar story…

I had lunch this week with a close friend that I hadn’t seen in months. I don’t know why we’ve neglected to see one another. We live 15 minutes apart. But alas the excuses could be endless. She was finishing graduate school, I am recently married. Shall I go on?

It’s nice getting together with friends again. Like reading your favorite book overMy old, familiar story. again. Revisiting all those places and characters that you almost forgot that you missed. Or when a song that you used to love comes on the radio. You still know all the words, but the melody strikes you in a sweet, comforting way. That’s how it feels when you sit down with someone with whom the barriers have been pushed aside years ago and rather than making small talk about the weather to ease yourself into conversation you can pick up right where you left off. It was comforting and refreshing and absolutely what I needed on that particular day.

Today I am particularly glad it’s Friday. It seems to have been a longer week than normal. And despite that my weekend is only one day, I am pleased to have it as a respite to the week prior. It was not the most successful of starts to 2012, but I don’t know that I need a date set by imperfect beings on an imperfect calendar to dictate the next 365 days of my life.

One thing I did discover this week is that while you may not be able to make each moment new, you can make each day new. You can wake up with a  renewed outlook and you can decide how to approach your day. You can create a day of negativity or of peaceful contentment. You have the power over it. This is not an attempt to sound new-agey or imply that I have anything more figured out than just what I said. But I have decided that I will here forth set the tone of each and every day that I spend on this earth. Since I didn’t make a New Years Resolution (I see them as setting yourself up for failure – so much for shunting the negative) I suppose that can be my Resolution. Living every day for itself.


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