Black Friday Madness

I remember last year very well. I had recently started working at the YMCA once again and the day I started back my boss said to me, “Can you open Black Friday? We’ll give you a $75 mall gift card.” I signed up then and there for that shift from 4:30am – 11:30am. I knew I would have to work a long shift of retail madness that day – having been in the throes of the both anticipated and dreaded day of retail glory since the ripe old age of eighteen. But you might say that I’m addicted to free things, so I worked both jobs.

The morning was excrutiating. I sat there for hours bored and dwelling on the day ahead of me and the little sleep I managed the night before. At one point I entertained myself by sending text messages to some of my friends – telling them why I was grateful for their friendship. Of course, I sent the messages at an obscenely early hour and I am quite sure that many of the recipients were not grateful that I woke them up at such an ungodly time. But, I mean, 6 am is totally fair game the day after Thanksgiving, right?

This year I opted to start in retail madness at 11:30pm Thanksgiving Day. At just after 10 am, having been awake all night, I’m strongly tempted to curl up on the floor under the front desk. But alas, it will be the first year in almost a decade that I’m available to attend the Christmas Tree Lighting downtown. And not only will I get to experience it once again, Lanre will be able to experience its splendor and its madness and its coldness.

Happy Black Friday! May your eyes be pepper spray free and your pockets less empty.


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