Notably November

My facebook is being filled with positively uplifting posts already. Being that November is, at least in this country, a month where the theme of Thanks takes center stage, I see the correlation. I must say that I love the idea that positive, grateful, giving thoughts will be pouring out from peoples minds and mouths and souls (at least) for this month.

That being said, I have some thoughts of things that are worth being grateful for – at least in my book.

1. I have a bed. Not what you thought was going to be a first pick, I’m sure. But, alas, it is where I spend more time than I spend anywhere else in my life. I like to sleep. I like to go to bed early and wake up early. It’s my preference. I also need sleep. I know people that only require 5 hours of sleep per night. Well, bully on them, but I need my eight hours and have no problem keeping to my grandma ways to make them happen.

2. Taste buds. Mine aren’t exceptionally special or anything, but I am thrilled with them everyday. Sometimes I’d like to sit them down and explain that spinach is better than peanut butter. But, overall, I enjoy using them daily and savoring the wonderful sensations they bring to me.

3. Health. You were expecting this one, right? It’s true though. I mean, okay, I have a random redness at the bottom of my thumb nail and my right eye is itching right now and whenever I laugh, my abdomen hurts thanks to those sit-ups, but I am healthy. I can get up in the morning. I can make my own breakfast and bathe myself.

4. My computer. The internet. Technology. Superficial, maybe. But honest nonetheless. I love my computer. While going through security at the airport, my husband dropped it out of the backpack. I thought my head was going to start spinning and I would start shooting knives from my nostrils. It was an accident and he didn’t mean to, but after I’ve had a laptop strapped to me for the last eight years and a desktop readily available prior to then, I feel almost lost without it at times. That probably doesn’t say much for my health and I should probably get in touch with nature a bit more, but it’s a fact. My Dell is one of my greatest companions. (It was in the case and unharmed by the tumble taken in the airport.)

5. Stupid People. Yes, perhaps this makes me a bad person, but I am grateful for stupid people. They sometimes make me feel better about myself. And, if you are one of those ‘stupid people’, I can guarantee there are those more stupid than you – stupider even. ;) Just turn on the television and check out Kim Kardashian’s failed marriage (shocker) or the doctor who didn’t think he’d get caught snuffing Michael Jackson. It’s kind of the only thing celebrities are good for.

If you need a little idiot-proof guide to brightening up your November, try this. And may happiness and gratitude come your way this month.

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