Be Happy

I received an e-mail from my husband who was much dismayed by the suggestion that we have bad luck. Power of positive thinking. He sent me this link. Basically… a flight on the same day as our flight, departing from the very same terminal where we flew from, from the exact same airline was re-routed from Newark, NJ to Hartford, Connecticut where the plane was not given access to a gate and the passengers were stuck on the plane for eight hours! That could have been our flight – praise the gods it was not.

While Honeymooning I did not keep to any promises, projects, or goals. And it was all quite glorious. I even have a bit of a tint to my usually milky white skin. I am back on track though. Except that…well, I decided I can’t give up bread. At least not yet. Here is what I can do:

Food Project: Beginning Sunday, no soda. Not even diet or zero calorie sodas. I recently spoke with a friend who does motorcycle maintenance. She has been known to put her corroded motor in coca cola to clean it. I just don’t think I should be allowing it in my stomach any longer. I’m also embarking on a 30 day challenge alongside a friend of mine. No fast food for thirty days.

Home Project: This was also started yesterday. Clearing not only the coffee tables, but all of the end tables in the basement as well. It’s a very small addition, but I’m all about baby steps.

Life Project: This will be beginning tomorrow, but my goal is to make up for Sunday and Monday through the course of the week. I will file one application daily.

Fitness Project: It’s incredibly small, but 50 crunches daily. Easy enough.

My closing thought for today, be happy.

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