Staying Cool

Overall our Honeymoon has been wonderful. Mostly because we prefer for things to be wonderful. I should share with you, however, that we have sort of… bad luck sometimes. The husband doesn’t believe in luck, but if he did, then he too would admit that ours is not usually good.

Just as a very small example, last night we were going to see an IMAX film. His first IMAX experience. He was super excited. I was excited – not only for him – but also for me! IMAX movies are fantastical! So we go out to get the bus with over an hour to spare before the movie starts. After twenty minutes or so on the freezing cold bus (that arrived late to begin with), it begins to rain. Then we hit traffic because the world’s biggest boat show is currently happening in Ft Lauderdale. So with every raise of a drawbridge (and there are a lot), traffic stopped. So we finally get to our stop at the time the movie is supposed to start. The rain is pouring buckets out of the sky and the museum is not there. We have to find it. So, we go running through the streets of Downtown Ft Lauderdale, finally seeing the museum and running in the pouring rain to the building. We finally get there – drenched – and they won’t let us in the movie. It’s too late. It has already started.

We laughed and referred to it as our wet and wild adventure. As a wise picture recently told me, “If ‘Plan A’ didn’t work. The alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool.”

As soon as I wrap up this post and shut down the Dell I’ll drag the husband away from the Chelsea match and we’ll head to the aiport – where we are hoping we won’t have a delayed flight. Because, in wonderfully typical LanRachel fashion, there are storms from a hurricane here and inches of snow are currently falling on DC. Luckily, camping out in airports is one of my favorite things. :)


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