Application Sunday

While the husband is setting himself to the daily grind of researching graduate programs and studying for the GREs, I started a new grind this past Sunday. It’s all in an effort to improve our current state of being. We’re happy right now – we’re together and that’s still serving to content us. Getting out of my parents’ basement, however, is something that I think would serve to improve our well-being immensely – at least his. Would you want to live with your in-laws?

My plan was to add new projects for this week. I did add a Food Project and that is no soda. I broke all the food rules last night, however, when I attended a Pampered Chef Party. I mean, everything there was bread! How could I not sample the deliciousness I watched her create?

I have continued to keep up with clearing the coffee table and I’ve sort of expanded that into just clearing the basement before I head to bed. It’s been looking exceptionally tidy and organized without any great amount of work at any one time. I’m also sort of running an entire household with the parents out of town. I have the help of the husband and Chieftain, of course. We’ve been cooking every day, seeing as the financial flow is running low.

By Friday our immigration paperwork should be on its way to its filing location and one bout of paperwork will no longer be looming over our heads. Fingers crossed, send love and prayers our way!

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