Minor Setback

So… have you ever had the banana bread from Bob Evans? If you haven’t, you should try it. It’s amazing. And when my grandmother took us there for dinner on Thursday night, Lanre decided to get it with his meal. And I was forced to eat some. And then figured, ah well, I fail for today, guess I’ll eat some of these homemade chocolate-chip cookies my Mother made and left sitting on the counter. Everything else, however, was a go. And yesterday I got back on the breadless saddle.

Also yesterday, in honor of pay day, Lanre and I will be on a Spending Fast for the next week. My gas tank is full, so it should be a pretty successful one-week project and then, of course, we’ll be off to Miami where a spending fast would be veritably impossible.

Now I’m off to some retail love for the day. I just have to keep my charge card in my wallet, which is sometimes a challenge when I find really good deals that I just need to have!


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