Yay for Yesterday

Yesterday had many yays. The least of which being that I completed all my projects. My mother even made chocolate chip cookes and while I did sample some of the dough, I deemed it not a bread product since it was pre-baking stage. ;) I figured, my projects, my loopholes.

Today is another dreary day here in Appalachia, but I feel so much happiness and warmth in me that the weather is inconsequential.

To add even further to that joy, it’s Thursday. Which, for those of you who don’t know, is the day before Friday – which happens to be the day before the weekend. I mean, I’ll be in retail imprisonment on Saturday for eight hours also, but at least it will be a respite from the Monday-Friday drone. Tomorrow is also Pay Day, so all in all, tomorrow should be an exceptional day! But we’ll get to that when it comes. For now, I’ll be happy with today.

This is a short post, but as I don’t wish to delve further into my happiness and selfishly want to keep it all to myself, I’ll bid you adieu.


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