Adventures, Where art thou?

I should be banned from social networking sites because I cannot control my covet. A little-thought-of perk of traveling is that after a few years of it, your “friends” are stocked with other traveling, adventurous types. And it’s wonderful to see so many different places that I wouldn’t have thought to explore before one of my friends went to visit there. It also ignites great amounts of jealousy and longing in me whenever I start perusing the photos of a friend and think to myself, “I want to travel! Why isn’t it me?!” Attractive and mature, I know. But, nonetheless, honest.

So this morning I went exploring the photos of Katka. A spirited, unassuming European with a passion for travel – travel to anywhere, in any language, all alone. Her confidence and easy-going nature astounded the, well, now husband, then boyfriend, and I when we met her. She didn’t speak a bit of Spanish, but traversed the streets of Cartagena, Colombia (where English is few and far between) with an ease and confidence. She traveled up through central America when she left Colombia and now she’s everywhere, all the time. And it made me exceedingly covetous to peruse her photos. It made me miss travel and adventure. New people and places. Hostels and buses and walking everywhere!

In a redeeming fashion, the husband and I are going on a budget honeymoon of sorts to Florida. The plan was to rent a car – because that’s what you do in America. But, on second thought, we’re gonna go it budget traveler style! Public transit all the way! If we can’t get there through budget transit, then we won’t be going. We’re going to meet up with Couchsurfers, eat some delicious food and find lots of low budget adventures to get into! Are you coveting right now? Well, you will be when we come back with pictures of us lounging in the sun on the beach!

As for my projects, yesterday was a continued success. No bread, coffee table clear and not only did I change over the title of my car, renew the title and the tags, I also got Lanre and I on our new insurance policy! Luckily this all occurred pre-dinner. Which, while it was a lovely visit with a friend of mine, it left me in a food coma in the worst way. I managed to crawl into bed with a tender tummy at the ripe old hour of 9:30pm and was out for the night. The husband, after much jeering from me about last night, stayed on his side of the bed and shared the blanket accordingly. ;)


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