Productive Day, Restless Night

I met my goals yesterday and, in fact, had a very productive evening. The husband and I cleaned the basement and our bedroom. We changed the sheets, did laundry, went prayer walking. I even cleaned out a storage bin I discovered in the garage and scrapbooked the pictures. As for the goals, I cleared the entire coffee table, ate no bread & completed two on-line surveys. I even journaled! The things you can do when you add order to your evening. But then night came…

I fell asleep peacefully in my go-to sleeping position – on my back with my right leg akimbo. I felt the husband get into bed beside me a while later and that was sort of the end of peaceful sleeping for me. I don’t know why. We put a quilt on the bed instead of the big comforter we had before and although when I put it on the bed there was hangage over both sides – apparently two people later there was not enough quilt to go around. Thus ensued the blanket battle experienced by many bed-mates over the years. And that set off a night of tossing and turning that I think I shared with my husband – lucky him. So then I was frustrated because I couldn’t sleep and because I was frustrated I wanted someone to blame and since there was only one other person in the room, I blamed him and, at one point, physically shoved him over onto his own side of the bed.

Now I sit in a cold working environment and have just been informed that I should get used to it since some genius linked the heating systems between the lobby and the fitness center and the fitness center temperature goes no higher than 70 degrees year-round. But the fitness center doesn’t have doors opening into them, blasting them with cold air.

Suffice it to say, that this has not been the most pleasant start to a Tuesday. It is Tuesday, however, and that is redeeming quality to this day as I generally enjoy Tuesdays. It’s just a nice day. It has a nice name. It’s not Monday. All is well on Tuesday in the weekday universe.

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