Projects Galore

So, my new *cough*husband*cough* is not such an overwhelming fan of the whole expose all the personal details of my life on a public outlet such as this blog. I, of course, was in great opposition until I did some researchers on some relatively well known bloggers and discovered that it’s not uncommon for their houses to be robbed when they’re out of town or for fans to lurk in their common hotspots. This irked me a bit, so I’m going Rennie style where I will change the names and places to protect the innocent.

Since being reunited with my handsome groom, I’ve decided I need to add some organization to my life and that organization should be in the form of projects. When you’re away from the man you love all day, cuddling for the entire evening seems like a completely viable way to spend the rest of your day – but it’s making us sluggish & adding personally to my waistline. Therefore, projects….

This week – by week I mean starting today, on Monday – I will be giving up bread. I don’t mean carbs because I love them and couldn’t give them up all at once. But I will be giving up actual bread with the allowance of pasta and rice, etc. By bread I am also including any and all pastries, tortillas and the like.

That’s my food project for the week – and it seems pretty doable. Here is my home project. It’s simple. Be sure the coffee table is clear before bed every night. I know that sounds absurd and perhaps some of you have a spotless coffee table, but we have this ability to litter it with all kinds of useless things. Bottles, CDs, DVDs, dirty dishes. There are currently colored pencils strewn across it as well.

And then for my life project. I will complete one paperwork type agenda every day – ideally in the evening. This could include some immigration paperwork, applying for a job, completing a paid on-line survey, etc.

The kicker is that these projects won’t even take that much time. Which is sort of the point, right? I can slowly incorporate new positive habits into my life each week to keep myself busier and improve my life. And with the help of this blog and HabitForge, it should be a cinch!

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