Ready, set…

Walk. Dance. Move. Do. Don’t stop. Keep going.
Up. Down. Sit. Stand. Skip. Legs. Arms. Weights. Weight.
Up. Down. Don’t stop.
Go. Keep going. Go somewhere. Go nowhere.
Don’t go. Come back. Don’t look back. Leave. Visit. Drive.
Passion. Live. Live now. Keep living. Always live.
Learn. Spanish. Soccer. Singing.
Set life to song. Sing. Loud – Long – Strong. Stop.
Breathe. Deep breathing. Meditate.
Go to Bali. Meet.
Meet a medicine man. Write.
Write anything. Write you. Write life. Write happy. Sad. Angry.
Angry’s easy. Bold. Passionate. Like life.
Love life. Live life. Every day. Don’t stop.
Go. Move. Live. Live. Live.
Today. Tomorrow. Next year.
Live – now. Love.



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