And we begin–again

So that’s a big fail on my Spending Fast today. So, tomorrow will now become Day 1. And so the vicious cycle will continue until I have successfully refrained from spending money for a full week. My goal, and it’s a stretch goal, is to have $3000 in my Savings Account by the end of the month. To some this may not seem lofty – but I work in Podunk, MD with a non-profit organization. Not so much rolling in the dough.

I enjoy the full-time gig though. Good hours, simple work, enjoyable cohorts – both co-workers and members. There’s sometimes a bit too much office drama for me and I’m aiming to rein in my desire to gossip – it’s an evil beast of mine. Plus, occasionally there is an attractive man to look at and it allows me to play the What If game that I find myself sometimes playing since I decided to give my heart away. (And, make no mistake, it is fully in the custody of another human, but I have a creative soul and my imagination is on full-blast almost daily.) I like the days when the UPS boy makes a delivery. He is blonde haired, blue eyed, tanned skin and exponentially not my type. But has a boyish cuteness, slight lilt of a southern accent and calls everyone darling. I find him endearing though in reality he probably knows he’s a cutie and spends his weekends getting drunk at the local strip club across the bridge in double you vee before taking home some lucky dame.

Cynicism sometimes gets the best of me. I’ll just forget about his weekend exploits and romanticize a world where all men refer to ladies as ‘love’ and ‘darlin’ in a way that doesn’t make me want to go all women’s lib on their asses.

Since I am now fighting passive voice. I will bid you adieu.


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