Spending Fast

I like projects. They are just a part of my nature, I feel. They always will be. Along with making lists and masking insecurities with sarcasm. I like to be a part of projects. I like to create them. And feel infinitely satisfied when I complete them. This is probably only due to the very rare occasion when I actually do complete them. Also a part of my nature, unfortunately.

During the month of February I completed a two week liquid fast. I am still amazed that I managed to only eat liquids for two weeks and believe it was only through prayer and devotion that I managed to do so. I completed the fast as a commitment/sacrifice to God for Lanre’s petition to be approved. It still hasn’t been approved, but I don’t blame God for that and I don’t think the fast was a waste. I learned a lot about my own discipline and grew spiritually. Plus, I’m pretty sure God is trying to teach me patience…so I figure it’s just all part of some master plan.

Anyway, past the self-reflection, in my research about fasting I came across all kinds of crazy fasts. People give up all kinds of things for a period of time. And for all kinds of different reasons! So now I want to get into fasting a bit more. So, beginning today, I have decided to go on a Spending Fast.

Basically, for one week I will not spend any money (with the exception of any drafted payments). At least, that’s the goal. You should know that I am bad at not spending money. Luckily I am not an uber-social person these days – though maybe that’s not something I should be proudly broadcasting. I just mean to say that socializing is expensive! At least it is for me. Maybe not so much when the weather’s decent, but until it’s all the way up and not just on the up, then it’s pricey. I also work an 8 hr shift on Saturday, which should help to keep me pre-occupied.

I was inspired by an article where a woman was on a Spending Fast for an entire year. Basically, she didn’t buy any non-essentials. No movies or dinners out. She took the bus instead of driving. She clipped coupons and ended up paying off her debts and saving almost $18,000. I am not trying to save $18,000, but it definitely made me think about how much money we mindlessly spend.

So, here we go week of non-spending! What free things can I get into this coming week…

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