It’s a Blogger’s World

Why do I blog? It’s a valid question. I have been blogging since middle school, really. I guess I started when I was very young because I loved the internet like any other insecure 12 year old around the turn of the century. I had on-line friends that I felt were much more mature than my regular 12 year old friends. Probably because they were all older, also insecure introverts, but intelligent and, to my 12 year old brain, intellectuals.

I continued in high school because Xanga became the thing to do. So I did it. I was a follower, so I followed. I kept that Xanga blog into college, detailing my entire study- abroad experience in Ireland. It was an outlet for me during that time. But somewhere along the line I got into LiveJournal thanks to a new on-line community where I did not feel insecure, but simply shared a common interest. LiveJournal was a beautiful outlet for deep, personal feelings with real names and where I received real, genuine feedback from other bloggers, other readers. And I often miss that intimacy with other writers.

Now, as an adult, if you can call it that, I use WordPress. Most of my older blogs have been added, edited. Though most of the Xanga posts still remain where they stand since it’s almost impossible to transfer them to WordPress, unfortunately. I changed to WordPress for the layout, for the simplicity. For the desire to be more of a writer, I suppose, than a journal-ist. But really, I’m still a journal-ist. I still write about me. About my life. About what is going on in my world.

Lately I’ve been looking into some paid options for bloggers. I’m really just looking for on-line work to keep me financially afloat during my time in Nigeria. So I can avoid the process of another work Visa on yet another continent. I really need to blog more often. Blogs, as many have proven, can really be a gateway to greater opportunities in this time of booming social media. A friend of mine was recognized by MTV thanks to his blog and competed for a chance at being MTV’s first TJ (Tweet Jockey).  So I know there’s opportunity that can come from it. And perhaps that will be a motive for me in the future.

But in the present, I suppose I blog to write. It’s nice to think that somewhere out there on the world wide web that perhaps someone is reading and enjoying what I have to say. Someone might be finding inspiration or motivation or just an opportunity to see that someone gets it. Whatever it may be. But really, I just blog for me. In fact, the famous Lanre that I speak of so often may not even be aware that this blog exists. But it doesn’t exist for him – this blog is for me.


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