These Times, They Are A Changin’


I’m back in the United States. I have been, for about a month. Lanre & I were inadvertently sent on an almost month-long vacation. So we traveled around parts of beautiful Colombia. And we discovered the beautiful parts of Colombia. Since those parts aren’t in Cartagena so much.

On July 23rd I left Colombia and my handsome man to return to the USofA. Not that the trip wasn’t an adventure, but it’s not one I particularly want to live again through words at the moment.

So here I am, back in the US reclaiming my post as Bon Ton Sales Associate while I wait for all the paperwork to be processed before I venture out across the Atlantic to the beautiful continent of Africa.

My parents have transformed our household into a geriatric ward by taking in my grandmother from Mississippi. She and I have struggled to get along at times. And it’s caused me to relinquish my bedroom yet again.

Meanwhile, day to day, I spend great amount of times researching immigration laws on-line and watching re-runs of any number of television shows. From America’s Next Top Model to The Office to House to Grey’s Anatomy. I kind of judge my own television choices occasionally. And making endless trips downstate trying to get things figured out. It’s lovely to live with such access to Washington DC. If only Maryland winters weren’t so bitter.

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