Hump Day

For the first time since February I can celebrate Hump Day and I am certainly making the most of it. It´s amazing how wonderful it feels to only have a five day workweek. I still hate the split schedule that I work through the week, but it´s much more tolerable when I know I have all of Saturday to myself.

During the week I work from 7am-10:15am and then have almost a 6 hour siesta before returning to teach from 4pm-8pm. I hate this schedule. I would almost rather work straight from 7am-8pm. That would suck, but at least I wouldn´t have that huge break with the knowledge that I still have to return to work. I have also been teaching two children´s classes on Saturday mornings from 8am-1:30pm. But as of 1:30 last Saturday, I am officially finished with Saturday courses. I actually loved teaching those classes and quite enjoyed the extra money, but it just wasn´t worth losing my weekend.

It couldn´t have arrived at a better time either since Lanre began his vacation this week. And since my birthday is Friday, we will have all of Friday night and all day Saturday to celebrate! Hopefully it will be a really upbeat, exciting celebration. I suppose 24 is not that exciting of an age, but I am still excited to willingly be the center of attention for a day. And Lanre promises that he has quite an exciting plan for the both of us on both Friday and Saturday. I wrote a quite long list of things I wanted for my birthday which I may post later. For now I´m off to lunch with a lovely Colombian lady. And for all you 9-5ers, Happy Hump Day!

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