I am a Hypocrite

I was always that girl that sneered at couples kissing in public. Generally, I have never been a fan of PDAs. I mean, a couple walking through the park hand in hand, sweet. But a couple having sex on park land, not so sweet. And I have always assumed that is a couple needs to be all over each other in public that they much be lacking something in private. I totally judged these couples. Openly. And today I come to the world to willingly admit my indiscretion: I am a hypocrite.

Yes, it´s true. I proudly stand up and wait to have all of those openly, accusational words be shoved back into my face. But I´m aware of my actions and I can take it. Because, ya know, I am totally okay with being a hypocrite in this one case. I like kissing my boyfriend. And if I want to kiss him then I´m going to kiss him. And sometimes we are in public. We don´t plan on straddling him on a park bench, but a peck here or there never hurt anyone. We usually hold hands or have our arms around each other when we´re out and about and sometimes we snuggle a bit on the bus. And we like it. It´s us. So we´re okay with it even if someone else is not.

I have a plethora of excuses I could spew out to the world at large. First of all, we´re in Latin America where our small shows of affection pale in comparison to most young lovers here. And we are, after all, young lovers. Still in the honeymoon phase of our relationship, if you will. Not to mention that we aren´t usually with groups of people, it´s usually just us. And when it´s just us, well…I don´t really care about you. But, honestly, none of those excuses or their existence matter to me. I´m good at coming up with excuses, but even if I didn´t have any of those, I´d still do it. We´re in love. All the time. We show it when we feel it. And not because we lack any bit of affection in our private time.

So, to all those prying eyes when we´re on the bus – as though they have any right to judge us – I don´t apologize to you. And if you´re expecting one, I can give you a few other choice words instead. However, for some of those couples that I once criticized (I say some because there were definitely those that deserved my criticism and every ounce of disdain), I apologize. Sincerely. Who am I to judge your love for each other and how you display it? For I am but a lowly hypocrite.

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