Drought Stricken Cartagena

In fairness, we are not actually experiencing a drought. On the contrary, we`re in the rainy season and it rains, at least for a little while, almost every day. But today, apparently, there is a drought.

You see, it´s not uncommon for our water to stop working for part of a day, an hour, fifteen minutes, even just a few seconds. More than once I have been standing soapily in the shower waiting for the water to return. Luckily I´ve only ever had to wait a few minutes while in the shower, but we´ve had it out for almost an entire day before. And we know when the water was off and came back on because the shower kind of punches you in the face with the water from the pressure buildup.

So this morning at 6 AM when I had no water to brush my teeth, I didn´t think much of it. I used water from the fridge and figured I´d shower after my first class. Only when I arrived to school did I discover that I would not be showering after class or at all today. Apparently the entire city of Cartagena is without water for the next 24 hours. Which, according to the locals, will probably be more like 48 hours.


Apparently the water company has to perform routine maintenance. Their last routine maintenance (prior to my coming to Cartagena) lasted for three days. In three days time I will definitely be the smelliest kid in all of Tacarigua (my neighborhood). Thank God for the Summer´s Eve that Santa so kindly stuffed into my stocking for Christmas.

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