I promise I am not an exciting person.

I have tried to love the exciting life, but have failed miserably with each attempt. See, the problem is that I don´t particularly love crowds or loud music unless it´s particularly good loud music. And even at that I´m not sure my definition of good music would be considered exciting or maybe even good to most. I prefer long walks to drunken nights and would generally choose playing cards over a night of dancing. Though I do occasionally love to dance and have been told in multiple Latin American countries that I move like a Latina lady.

I like quiet cafes and coffee dates. I am a creature of habit and will almost always order the same thing when returning to a restaurant. While I would love the exhilaration of bungee jumping, I am petrified of heights along with falling in love which I have done and now wrestle with a whole new assortment of phobias.

I love meeting strangers, but am most at home with close friends and family. I`m not afraid to try new things or experience new cultures, which I feel makes me merely open-minded and perhaps, sometimes, slightly adventurous. I´m really a small town girl, though I like what the big city has to offer. It has taken me years to realize that this is who I am and I will not succeed at changing it. Still though, occasionally I feel like I should want to get crunk every weekend (and occasionally it happens) and even feel embarrassed that I´m not into it.

But like I said – I´m not an exciting person. I am just me. And after 24 years (almost), I´m totally okay with that (most of the time). That being said, Jenga and Sangria anyone?

One thought on “I promise I am not an exciting person.

  1. I love this, I can so identify…since Ive been in Europe especially I keep thinking I should want to drink more and I’m almost embarrassed that I don’t. This was reassuring to read and know that I’m not a freak specimen of 24 year old! And also yay for being happy with you are, it’s what’s most important :) it seems like Colombia has really done good things for you..

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