Rules for Living

Assignment for my Students: Write 6 Rules for Living.

Some of their answers:
1. Practice makes perfect.
2. Never tell personal things to strangers.
3. Change underwear daily.
4. Trust no one.
5. Never discuss business in an elevator.
6. Always borrow money from friends, but never lend money to friends.

Some of my answers:
1. Try to find something positive in every day. Negativity is a self-inflicted illness.
2. Tell the truth when it benefits the world even if it doesn´t benefit me.
3. Take advantage of opportunities – even the small ones. Sometimes the small ones can change your life.
4. Keep learning.
5. Try to be there for the important moments of those you love. If you can´t be there, don´t regret it – make up for it.
6. Never be afraid to act like a fool. Run in the rain. Play hide and seek. Yell, jump, kiss, giggle, dream, love.


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