Hola from Colombia

I arrived Wednesday afternoon around 3 PM and immediately began sweating profusely. The sweating only really stops at night with the window open and the fan on (though Lanre & I battle over the fan). The first day was a bit disorienting. A little deja vous in returning here and it feeling so much like July. Since weather doesn´t change here, there´s very little else to note any change. Except that I am pasty white this time. Yesterday I passed a man on the street who looked at me and said under his breath, ´muy blanca´ which translates to, ´really white´.

Because Lanre started back to work this week, I´m trying to figure out how to job hunt without an apt guide. Yesterday one of Lanre`s friends took me to two schools. One of which seems very promising. And he is now my new BFF. Despite being 40, married and having three children, we have a striking amount in common. My presence has been requested there today. But first I need to take a taxi to the affluent area of town – BocaGrande to inquire about a job there.

We don´t have internet in the apartment just yet. Which sucks. So I am at a small cafe down the street where I think they charge somewhere around $1 per hour, so I think I can swing it even though I´m unemployed at the moment. I do have a phone, however! It was part of Lanre´s Christmas present to me – a SIM card. It´s through a provider called Tigo and it´s Pay-as-you-go. It might not have the most widespread service, but it´s probably the cheapest provider in this area. And Lanre and I can call each other really cheap.

It´s hard to blend in being staunchly pale. And I think I try to overcompensate for that by walking around with lots of confidence as though to convey that I do belong here. However, I think I just really end up looking like a bitch. Oh well, c´est la vie, no?

Keep your fingers crossed that I manage to get a job!


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