For anyone unfamiliar with CouchSurfing, allow me to explain.

Essentially CouchSurfing was created to bring together open minded, free-spirited individuals from all over the globe. And afford the opportunity for individuals to never travel alone. Almost anywhere you go, there’s bound to be a CouchSurfer willing to host you for a night, or 4 nights and show you around their city. Or at least meet you for coffee or lunch or drinks.

And I have met the most wonderful people through this organization. From all over the globe, literally. I surfed with a girl in Quito who was actually from Spain. Met an awesome Peruvian guy & an American girl from Baltimore. Had a romance with a beautiful Nigerian man. Met a really cool Israeli guy for lunch at a restaurant where I couldn’t read the menu. Hosted a cool chick from PA, a really fantastic Irish guy who is now one of my BFFs, and two guys from Pittsburgh – an American and an Indian dude. All of them, really unique, wonderful individuals.

And I am excited to say I’ll be staying in a house of really cool guys in Philly in a few weeks. And I just needed to express my absolute, unwavering love for this organization and introduce it to those of you that might be interested in joining.

I don’t think it’s too much to say that it has changed my life in a few ways. Maybe it can change yours?


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