Money Woes

It is so easy to spend money.
For me, at least. And that would be all fine and well, if I had it to spend.

I am implementing a new rule this week, however:
I will only permit myself to spend money on the weekends except for essentials. By essentials I mean, for example, I am mailing a friend a birthday present. It needs to be done asap and can’t be done on a weekend. Or if my gas guage is sitting on E or a doctor’s appt. You get the point. Hopefully this will help me to manage my money.

Here is the worst part though, I have money. Honestly. Sitting in my Savings Account, but I am so determined to keep myself on a Savings Schedule that I refuse to touch it. Instead I am reverting back to my old state of poor-dom. It involves lots of walks and hermitage. Things that are perfectly acceptable to me.

Of course, the good news is I spent money on excellent purchases this weekend. Aside from Starbucks, Panera Bread, amazing guac & veggie burger, and shrimp pad thai (if i am going to pay for food – it needs to be good). I drove to Baltimore (gas monies) to see Kate and not only did we find ourselves smack in the middle of a marathon, we also finally made our way to the Renaissance Festival. Which was fantastical! Extremely enjoyable. Pics up on my Facebook this evening. Then I met my Tekle for a breakfast before flying back to Cumberland for work.

The following few weekends are work-tastic. In fact my schedule looks like it’s going to be thinning out during the month of November, so I have already begun the task of trying to pick up shifts both at the YMCA and Bon Ton.

No worries though, there is a beacon of light. I might be trading out my Fred Flintstone Moving Picture machine for a TV that actually has video/audio input/output so I can hook up my DVD player and watch movies again. Lovely. :)


3 thoughts on “Money Woes

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I did some major damage a few weeks ago on books and clothing, although I can argue that the clothes were essential for work/colder weather and the books will take me through the bulk of the winter months. Still, it was a huge drop all at once. And I am trying to save up for a big-ticket thing now, so no more big splurges.
    I wish I lived in an area where walking was more of an option. Unfortunately, things are so spread out here (something I’m normally glad of) that you really do have to drive to get anywhere. I’m getting pretty good at combining trips, though. :)
    Mmm.. a guac & veggie burger sounds amazing, as does the pad thai (can’t eat shrimp :( but that does sound yummy!). And I’m so happy that you had fun over the weekend.
    Good luck with your Savings Schedule. I’m sure you’ll get to whatever goal it is you’ve set, just don’t forget to have a bit of fun, too. :)

  2. Sounds like we have similar financial views. I’ve clamped down on my spending a lot lately, and I find that the less I go out, the less money I spend. I also have a fairly decent amount of money saved up, but I refuse to touch it, since it’s my “safety net.” I’m quitting my teaching job at the end of the school year to live with my bf in Towson [and hopefully start pursuing some certification programs at TU], and I’m afraid I won’t get hired with such a limited number of school districts to apply to.
    Now I feel extra annoyed that I couldn’t make ren fest this past weekend. D: I was going to meet Becca Seletyn and her family there, but I was sick all last week and had a lot of sewing to catch up on. Oh well, sounds like you two had fun!

  3. You are so right about spending money! I put that rule in – and then during the week I went to buy this dress I saw online on sale that I liked. I couldn’t find it and ended up buying a $179.95 dress – and then ordered the other dress online. So yeah, it doesn’t work. But I do hope you have more success than me! As long as you save what you need to save – I don’t see the big deal about spending during the week =D

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