Facebook Purge Rebuked

About 9 months ago I performed a facebook purge. Drama happened involving some of my photos and my parents (yes, parents of a 22 yr old) being told they were inappropriate. They weren’t and my parents didn’t respond much except to say, might want to take down some. *shrug*

That being said, I decided to delete probably half of my facebook friends. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a passive aggressive person. I was not really friends with the person who started this drama. He is someone I went to church with when I was fairly young. I have run into him via happenstance maybe three times in the last 10 years. After I deleted him though I realized there were dozens of people on my facebook that I really wasn’t friends with. I hadn’t spoken to them in years and, honestly, didn’t really care what was going on in their lives nor, I am sure, did they care what was happening in mine.

It was aftermath of when facebook first came out and you added anyone you had ever heard of in the fucked up attempt to win some popularity contest with no prize. And I too was a victim of this. I had people I went to high school, middle school, elementary school with! Missionaries I had known for a week. Someone I met for five minutes at a party. Anyone who was joining facebook back then will understand. And most of the people I went to high school with got the boot. It’s not that I dislike them. Just…I didn’t care.

So my class is planning a five year reunion. I won’t be going, but there is a facebook group that i joined only because i am still friends with the man who was the president of our class. And now all of these people from high school are adding me to facebook again. I want to send out a mass message to all Facebook users that says, ‘Really? Do you really care about those 632 people that you claim are your friends here?’ Methinks the answer would be mostly no. 

2 thoughts on “Facebook Purge Rebuked

  1. You know, I look at most of the people on my list at Facebook, and the majority of them have friends numbering over 100. I get requests from people I really don’t know well, simply because they’ve seen me on a message board or I’m the ‘friend of a frind’. As you said, it seems to be some silly popularity contest, and I guess I just don’t care to play. I’ll stick to the short list of people I actually know and care about commenting to rather than have the useless title of 150 comments on a single post. ;)

    1. i admit that i still have a lot of people on my facebook that i have very loose contact with. but it’s nice to know that they are accessible if i need them.
      but i know people who just accept everyone who friends them. and i am not that girl.

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