Social Life? What’s That?

I am currently working three jobs. Which sounds far worse than it actually is. I still only work about 60 hours a week, which is the equivalent of having one full-time and one part-time job. People do that all the time.

There are definitely benefits to working all the time. For example, when I was reviewing my finances, I discovered that I have a lower balance on my credit card than I thought and a higher balance in my checking account than I thought. Which is great because I have a very strict saving plan.

However….I am not sure where my social life has gone. Don’t get me wrong, I see people on occasion. Went to Big Lots with Shea on Sunday, had dinner with Lessie on Saturday. But, for the most part, when I am off, I am so excited to not have to work that I do nothing. Literally. Last night I was off and I put on my pajamas at 4:30 and did not take them off. Sadly, this has become my routine on evenings off. I don’t see people, I don’t clean, I don’t go to the gym, I don’t do anything productive.

And…honestly? I kind of hate it. And, I know this seems strange, but I’m not sure how to stop this viscious cycle. I know the obvious answer is just to do something. Make plans with a friend. Go straight to the gym from work. But…I don’t know. I am also very resistant to give up that precious Rachel time of nothingness despite that I hate how unproductive I am.

Am I crazy? Has anyone else experienced this? Yes? No? Maybe so…

4 thoughts on “Social Life? What’s That?

  1. Welcome to my life. Because I deal with the public all day, when I get home, the last thing I usually want to do is go out and deal with more people, friends or not.
    I get home around 5PM, on average, and the first thing I do (after placating the cat with some fish) is to put on my PJs.
    This probably is just a phase, and everyone needs time to recharge their batteries, Rachel. Sounds like this is your time. Let yourself enjoy it, but if you’re worried you won’t pull out on your own (and with cooler weather coming, that may be harder to do), ask a friend to pull your butt out in a week/month/whatever and get you back in the swing of things. I’m guessing that as the holidays approach, you’ll be ready for it.

    1. yeah…i suppose you are correct.
      it sucks living with the fam though.
      they’re very judgy about these sorts of things.
      thanks for the advice. :)
      yours is always the bestest.

  2. Same here. I work come home and crawl up in front of my computer. I know I could call people and go out but I am just so tired of people when I get home I just want to be alone. I hate that I don’t do anything but eh. I convince myself that there isn’t anyone to hang out with or they are too busy. So silly but I dunno. You aren’t alone though.

    1. hahahaha.
      i do that too.
      convince myself i don’t have any friends here anymore.
      and the ones i do have are likely busy.
      then i feel better about not leaving my house. haha.
      thanks for letting me know i’m not alone. :)

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