Body Odor

Yes, you read the title correctly. Allow me to explain.

I had this brilliant notion that I was going to stop wearing deodorant. It began because, well, mine ran out and I kept forgetting to buy some. And then it continued because I discovered that unless I did some kind of strenuous activity, I exerted no odor. And then I assumed deodorant must be like chapstick, when your lips get used to it, they crave it, but when you don’t use it, they don’t miss it.

So I stopped using deodorant except at the gym. But then I discovered that I started to smell. Almost as if my body was used to the deodorant and so it continued to not smell for a while until it realized it wasn’t getting its de-odorizing ingredients. And I honeslty wondered if I continue to not use deodorant if eventually my body will start to develop its own de-odorizers.

Then I remembered the German exchange student in high school that I had to sit next to in choir. Her body never built up those deodorizers, so why would I assume my partially German blood will do it? Last night I went and bought some Suave. My nostrils are grateful.

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