I have decided, slightly tentatively, that I am going to backpack my way through South America. It’s something that I have spent much time thinking about and even more time (I know that seems to be working in reverse) researching. There are so many volunteer organizations out there that it’s a little overwhelming! And recently I decided it would greatly behoove me to begin my journey with a language program – also a daunting amount. That was when I discovered Amerispan.

As of now I can’t attest to them personally as I have never worked with them in the past, but they seem to be pretty legit. They offer language schools all over the world, but also study abroad, teaching, interning & working programs. And they have a really fail-proof guarantee:

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee Your satisfaction is our main concern. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll pay for a week of group classes at the same program or another of your choice.
  2. 110% Price Guarantee – You never pay more with AmeriSpan because if you find a price lower than ours, we’ll match it and take another 10% off.
  3. Full Money Back Guarantee – Change your mind for any reason and we’ll refund 100% of any money paid to AmeriSpan…no questions asked.

If you too are thinking of making your away abroad any time soon, give it a looksy. Definitely worth the time. There are tons of travel resources on their site as well. I am looking at their language programs in South America, obviously. More specifically their program in Cartagena. Let me know what you think.


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