It Will Get Me Through

 I am getting into a routine with my jobs. I usually have a bit of a break between my day job and my nightly shift. Anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. I prefer less time. The more time I have, then the more time I have to get sleepy and not want to go back to work.

We're a you can see.

I am especially energized this week though, thanks to my fantastic weekend! In fact, I am shocked that already it is Wednesday. Meanwhile, I do tend to go to sleep around 10 o’clock every night. Or last night where I was in bed at 9 pm. But it’s all worth it if I can have weekends like last weekend to look forward to. I got to see so many friends that I haven’t seen in ages. Lessie’s Birthday was celebrated. I met two brand new friends that are fantastic & I gallivanted all over Allegany County with a fantastic Irishman by my side!

And, yes, I spent a lot of money – way more than I should have this past week. And, yes, last night was one of my only two evenings off this week and I found out about a Fundraiser Meeting I have to attend for work. And, yes, I work both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend. BUT, it’s all okay because of one fantastic weekend! 

If only moments like those could be replicated, bottled, sealed and mass produced! But then I suppose the moments wouldn’t be fleeting and therefore wouldn’t be special and, in summation, wouldn’t be such a surprising, wonderful, accidental creation but just another something for people to jump on the bandwagon against its trendiness striving with everything in them to go against the flow while ignorantly asking people such as myself to label them as posers.


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